Nothing beats seeing people reading and enjoying the Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader across the globe. We’ve managed to get our little publication to far reaching places such as The United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, The UK, Germany, Singapore, India, Serbia, Croatia, Cuba. Our Van-go flying squads has New Zealand covered with personal delivery to over 700 cafes, bookstores, shops, and libraries up and down the line. If we can’t make it to a place near you send us an email and we’ll send a copy to you, or if you want to save paper you can read it online here.

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The Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader Spring 2017 issue features writing from Richard Langston and Jay Clarkson, new lyrics from Charlotte Yates, artwork and reminiscences from Maryrose Crook, and much more. Volume 15 will be hitting the streets Friday 1st September 2017.

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